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Feeling nostalgic

I miss the old Sims2 fandom. Not really playing the game itself, though I do get these cravings to go back playing sometimes, but the community that was built around it. I don´t think the new Sims3 fandom even comes close to replacing it.


I write like
Charles Dickens

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I submitted a few paragraphs from the cheese centric VDS legacy and got this. I don`t even like Dickens or his style! But he apparently liked writing about cheese.

ETA: Submitting some text from my old Littera legacy revealed that I write like Chuck Palahniuk.... Apparently my style is all over the place.
Just bought Ambitions. Am big old hypocrite. But it`s so...shiny and new.

Wincing Legacy 2.0

So, jumping awkwardly on the bandwagon, I too am doing the Viking Death Squad challenge/legacy. Because I`m a masochist I`ll probably add even more challenges based on an scenario randomizer I got from MATY.

Founder by simpurity, spouse by leenyland. Also featuring sims by simtasia and katu.


Where our founder is sweet, lovely and slightly cheesyCollapse )

that`s it...

I`m so doing the Viking Death Squad Challenge!
I know I haven't updated for far too long and, the truth is, the new legacy is in hiatus before it even began. I'm pretty busy with classes right now so maybe by June I`ll have time to really work on it.

I`m still simming like crazy when I so find the time, though. The Big Damn Hood provides all my simming needs for now. Here`s some picspam because I miss posting these.Collapse )


Feb. 24th, 2010

So, my founder is a dirty cheater. He has a steady girlfriend in miss Goopy Gilscarbo with an attitude but Kaylynn with a pink hat has won his heart. The former has a wild if obnoxious personality while the later is a sporty, ambitious girl hiding under the cover of sweetness.

How can he be expected to brave the Borg Apocalypse if he can`t even make up his mind as to whom will be his companion in misfortune?

So, who would you choose?Collapse )
So, it`s official. I`ll be going to start a Sims2 legacy and BY THE FSM I`LL FINISH THIS ONE!! It`s going to be commentary all the way, as well... I think. I´ll be following the official legacy rules plus some handicaps because I always have more fun that way as it helps me find the family`s unique "feel".

Anyway, do people still read Sims2 legacies at all? Sims3 legacies all look a bit bland to me - maybe it`s the lack of actual gameplay which has been so reduced for puddings. It`s a great game for building and decorating (hence all the mostly house and object creators who have gone over to the pudding side), not so much for actual simulation unless you aren't familiar with *real* RPGs.
So, I took a break from DAO and had the sudden urge to go visit my Sims2 mega hood, left neglected for months. I expected to be a bit meh after not having any interest whatsoever in even loading the game but...

Oh, Sims how I missed thee! Its like returning home. Goodbye expressionless, lifeless, forever posing puddings!

Somebody stop me from going on a downloading spree!

I`ve been playing another game

My free time has been swallowed by Dragon Life Origins. Thanks simnovoris! No, seriously, thank you. And what`s funnier it`s that Can you Run It failed my comp because of the graphics card, but I had this hunch (which could have ended costing me money) and ordered it anyway. It plays beautifully and only the portraits are a bit messed up.

Maybe, it`s just my inexperience as a RPG player talking, but I`m just awed by this game. And it is wrong of me to want to ship Alistair/Morrigan. If it is, I din`t want to be right.