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I`ve been playing another game

My free time has been swallowed by Dragon Life Origins. Thanks simnovoris! No, seriously, thank you. And what`s funnier it`s that Can you Run It failed my comp because of the graphics card, but I had this hunch (which could have ended costing me money) and ordered it anyway. It plays beautifully and only the portraits are a bit messed up.

Maybe, it`s just my inexperience as a RPG player talking, but I`m just awed by this game. And it is wrong of me to want to ship Alistair/Morrigan. If it is, I din`t want to be right.


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Nov. 23rd, 2009 08:16 pm (UTC)
I'm about halfway through (NO SPOILERS PEOPLE) and I can say it's the best RPG I've played on a console ever.

Never have I loved a fictional man as much as I love Alistair. His romance with my character makes me smile like an idiot. And the background dialogues as you explore the worlds... I laugh out loud so often. Endlessly amusing.

I'm so glad you like the game as I'm eh... obsessed with it. It doesn't help that the boyfriend is equally obsessed either, we feed each other's crazy. Once I'm done with this playthrough I'm going to continue playing my mage who's currently in Lothering.
Nov. 24th, 2009 02:56 pm (UTC)
According to the stats I`m only about 10% through - and I`m so excited having so much to explore left! And, yay, it´s good having a second opinion on the awesomess of this game since I`m pretty much of a RPG newbie.

I can`t get Alistair to romance my shy mage. After a promising start he just seems to have shut off and spends his time squabbling with Morrigan. He does get more open to matters of the heart does he? ;)

Just out of curiosity, who do you keep in your company? Hate changing, it doesn`t feel right, so I keep them all the same.

I have Liliana because she`s a kickass fighter and endless source of information, Morrigan because she`s pretty much essential in every way never (would have not managed several fights were it not for her) and, well, Alistair is usually the first to fall in any fight (he has concussions left and right now and should be clinically dead) but he`s just so charming.

Well, it does look like I`m equally obsessed and don`t even need anyone to feed it. ,^^ Oh, I have an elf, a knight and a dwarf in saved games and look forward to playing them.
Nov. 24th, 2009 03:20 pm (UTC)
I'm about 60% through, but I suspect it speeds up a bit towards the end since the bf finished last night. He was around 20 hours ahead of me in playtime. I also think they count all sidequests (even the bad one to your good etc) when they count those stats. But you have a LOT to see yet. And I think this will be just as fun on a second play-through.

Alistair takes his sweet time to romance, for sure. Give him gifts and make good, fair decisions. He's a big softie and will approve if you help people. Once you've befriended him good and proper, he's adorable.

My company has been Alistair, Morrigan and Zevran/Wynne/Shale (I don't know if you've met those, probably not), most of the time. I keep that last position open but I do have a soft spot for Zevran.

A hint to improve Alistair is to level up his shield defence and focus on some Templar powers. Warriors tend to suck in the beginning, he died all the time for me. Now he's more often the last man standing, save for my backstabbing rouge. Last night they charmed me by defeating a whole horde of monsters together, alone. My PC roared to her defeated party "YOU ARE ALL USELESS, WHY DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING MYSELF?" while Alistair pleasantly said "I think we work well together!" Social skills, my rouge hasn't got any.
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