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excuses, excuses

So, I did sort of promise/teased about the return of the Littera family saga of dysfunction. I still haven`t had the time to enter the game and play around properly but I`ll do so next week, just after the freakin test of doom, which I`m totally not nervous about, is behind me.

I`ll probably have to revise some of my initial plans into how the story was going to develop but it won`t turn out too far from the original. Which was basically, Heath steps on everyone and everything while laughing maniacally along the way.

And confession time: haven`t played Sims3 from months now. Turns out it was just a game. Though a very aesthetically pleasing one.

oh no

It may be just the post Halloween melancholy mood setting in, but I`ve been thinking of going back to the Litteras... You know, my so called "deceased" legacy.

Poll #1479353 help me out here, if I should take the plunge

Your reaction?

What`s a Littera?
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Anyone over here also on Facebook? Is this question totally redundant?

Anyway, I gave in to its evil ways (and highly addictive little games), so you can add me
over here. I write about being in the mafia a lot.

on dial up, sort of

No, I`m not dead. Internet connection has been a real bitch lately, that`s all. I have to wait like ten minutes to get any page to load at all... And don`t even mention the eternity it takes for images or videos.

ISP seems to be "working on it".

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I`ll be turning twenty six pretty soon now. I don`t really feel like it. It´s my first birthday without my dog since I was eleven years old. Plus twenty six is just an odd age. You´re closer to thirty but you`re still twenty something.

Yesterday I returned to the animal shelter I volunteer at. It felt really good aside from having to deal with the random wackos that work there.

Guilty secret: I haven`t played Sims2 ever since the new game came out. The one I often railed against... I`m a hypocrite. But I realize I was inventing all kinds of mini challenges for myself to keep from feeling bored with Sims2... and I still was. I spent about 90% of the time downloading CC and 10% actually playing the game (or messing around in CAS).

I read somewhere that only people who had grown bored with Sims2 would switch to 3. I guess it happened to me. All the mods in the world couldn`t keep me from that been there played that feeling. It was time to move on and I was in denial because I`m no good at letting things go.

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  • Michael Jackson DIED?? Okay, I get the downtime now. 0o #
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  • Wow, Amanda Marcotte is an asshole. I`ve been suspecting this for awhile now, but there it is. #
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